evoking connections between a space and its user


vinayak diwan

Vinayak Diwan is the principal and founding member of Lightbook, a boutique design studio, which uses elevated creative lighting solutions for discerning design spaces of future. Vinayak has always been intrigued by light and considers it core to the architectural fabric of any project.

After graduating in architectural studies in New Delhi, Vinayak moved to Milan to pursue his masters in lighting design. He kicked off his career there with a firm that specialized in lighting monuments and old heritage villas before moving to Paris for another professional assignment. Years of international exposure in Milan, Paris, Singapore and India has given Vinayak a rich experience of understanding the cultural and financial viabilities of any project in any given location. A strong voice in the lighting creative community, Vinayak considers emergent lighting concept and technologies as the future of sustainably built environments.


about us

Lightbook is an international lighting design practice founded in 2008 by Vinayak Diwan. As a bespoke practice with projects across India, Middle East and UK, Lightbook focuses on hospitality, F&B, high-end residences, commercial and corporate environments. It comprises of a highly competent and diverse team of architects, interior designers, 3D visualizers and artists who combine their skill, creativity and passion to create magnificent visual environments. They do this through a balance of function and aesthetics that evoke a special connection between a space and its user. The philosophy is especially hinged on creating sustainable visual environments for the future.

Lightbook’s team of creative thinkers and problem solvers continually collaborates with various international architects, interior designers, urban planners and landscape designers on projects of varied scale and complexities. We provide complete lighting design knowledge from conceptualisation, commissioning to implementation.


creating innovative and functional visual environments

At Lightbook, we aim to create innovative and functional visual environments, keeping aesthetics and technology at the core.We aim to create a strong but seamless connection between the space and the user. There is a constant endeavour to trigger dialogues between the architecture and its surroundings through the subtle mediums of both artificial and natural light.We believe that light is intrinsic to the process of layering in a space, and adds great creative value along with meeting objectives of sustainability and sensibility.



Our team of technical and creative professionals aligns with a client’s vision for lighting design for a space, by addressing technical requirements, functionality and budget. We follow a holistic process that starts from initial feasibility to commissioning on site. This includes design and technicalities of lighting fixtures, equipment, installation and maintenance schedules. Lightbook lays emphasis on daylight analysis, lighting calculations, digital visualization, development of fixtures and site mockups as per the project requirements.

Below are the core steps of creating a robust lighting environment:

  • Understanding the design, aesthetic and functional brief from the architect/client.
  • Creating a lighting design analogy and ideas for an outstanding luminous environment.
  • Developing a lighting concept with a holistic visual hierarchy and ambience.
  • Effective communication through presentations consisting of light renderings, light sketches and alternative concepts.
  • Integration of ideas and concepts on lighting layouts, product specifications, lighting control systems, lighting budgets and details for construction process.
  • Recommending appropriate lighting contractors for execution.
  • Executing quality tests and physical inspection of installed fixtures as specified.
  • Coordination with PMC and other project agencies for right integration of lighting concepts.
  • Guiding the execution team for correct focusing and adjustments of the installed fixtures.
  • Providing onsite assistance for complete installation of lighting equipment and systems till the commissioning of the project.