alila fort, jaipur

Alila fort, Bishangarh is a 250 year old fortress with complete makeover from ruins to an absolute luxury in midst of Arravali Hills in Rajasthan.

We were part of this 7 year restoration process with single emphasis on creating a landmark project which exudes lighting design experience of an old fortress yet keeping the feel of luxury and opulence alive.

The design process was slow but steady as lot of areas were still being explored during the restoration work and it was like connecting hazy dots of different timelines as unified design story for the completion day.

The design approach was sensitive and subtle considering its a heritage project and every space required unique lighting design concepts and approach.

It’s rated as top 10 hotel renovations in the world or few clients make a statement of "extraordinary is an understatement" but for us it’s process driven, well executed and well mentored project.




Sthayapathya, Jaipur

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